East Pilton Farm

Have you ever bottle fed a lamb or

watched a cow having a hair cut?

Well now’s your chance to have a go!

Experience life on a real working farm in Wales!

 We offer fabulous accommodation with modern living and the chance to get stuck into life on the farm!  We will provide the farm life and you can choose to watch from the side lines, or enjoy the full hands-on experience!

East Pilton Farm has been in the Jones family for 4 generations. The farm is home to a long established flock of pedigree Suffolk sheep which are sold for breeding. Spring visitors enjoy bottle feeding our latest arrivals. We are also very proud of our Limousin herd of cattle, who can be seen grazing quietly in the fields surrounding the cottage. No two days are the same on the farm and  jobs to be done are very much dependent on the weather.

Join us in our farming year!


Lambing time for pedigree Suffolk sheep (in the sheds,)

Feeding cattle in sheds


Lambing time for pedigree Suffolk sheep continues.

Feeding cattle in sheds


Lambing time for pedigree Suffolk sheep continues.

Lambing starts for cross bred sheep (outside)

Feeding cattle in sheds


Turn cattle out in the fields

Lambing for cross-bred sheep

Drilling corn


Sheep shearing

Tagging, tailing and dosing lambs

Start cutting silage


Continue cutting silage

Lambs go to market


Fencing and farm maintenance


Preparing rams for shows and ram sales


Cutting corn


Cows are brought into the shed for the Winter

Calves are weaned off their mothers

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